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Oh Hai!
accents, ambiguity, art brut, australia, autumn, back to the future, baths, batman, being a grown-up, being afraid of japan, being unfuckwithable, beyonce, bffs, bill bryson, books, boys with blocheads, brand new, british invasion, buddy holly, building a time machine, business cards, c.s. lewis, calvin and hobbes, cats, class, concept albums about god, concerts, cupcakes, danny wallace, dave barry, emo, emo in theory, etiquette, expatriation, expressive faces, f. scott fitzgerald, fairy lights, fall out boy, feminism, foxes, franz ferdinand, froaen custard, g&t parties, georgia nicholson, getting_fucked_up_with_the_girlz, girl groups, glasgow, handclaps in songs, handsome boy syndrome, har mar superstar, harry nilsson, history, homosexy, i love the 80s, ice cream cones, idlewild, ikea, inappropriate crushes, jesse lacey, john cusack, karma, keith moon, lesley gore, libraries, literature, louise rennison, macros, mainstremo, mersey beat, mod, mods, motown, music, my apartment, my chemical romance, my faves, my name, obscure references, omg, overthrowing queens of noize, pete n carl, pinstripes, pirates, pop culture, queens of noize, reading, ready steady go, religion, road trips, roald dahl, rockumentaries, rushmore, sam cooke, scotland, small british children, songwriting partnerships, spinal tap, target, tea, the 60s, the arcadian dream, the beach, the beach boys, the beatles, the cure, the daily show, the killers, the metaphor defense, the monkees, the nme, the ocean, the ronettes, the supremes, the triumvirate, the turtles, the who, the zombies, they might be giants, thrifting, traveling, vespas, when songs "feat" someone, wit, xoxo,