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OMG FallOutBoy!!! xxxXOXOxxx

So I would really love to write a hilarious and clever entry about the Fall Out Boy concert, and in theory it should be easy because The Fall Out Boys are, more than anything else, a Laugh. But I know that I won't be able to do that without it turning into me just gushing about what a ridiculously good time I had and how I absolutely love that band. And if I say those things, then you will all judge me, because that is your way.

Edit: I just realized that it probably would have been ok to proclaim my illicit love because my livejournal is friends only, and everyone on my friends list either knows my shame and accepts me as I am, or loves Fall Out Boy themselves because

1. I corrupted them. That is apparently what I do; I corrupt and ruin people.


2. They are, in fact, one of the kids these days.


3. They evidently share a brain with me even though they live on the opposite side of the country.
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I can't get them out of my BRAIN.
I KNOW! They won't let me go! I woke up this morning with three of their songs in my head.
I would like to advise, in case you didn't know, that I belong to the group who knows your shame and accepts you as you are. It is pretty funny though that they're your guilty pleasure. Hahahah.
OMG, I can't believe you had to leave a comment denying the Falloutboys just in case anyone saw your name on my friends list and assumed that you were one of the people that liked them.

You protest too much. I think you may be afraid of your own latent emo tendencies.

I'm making you a Fall Out Boy cd. You won't be able to resist because these are really awesome pop songs. And you're going to watch the videos. An 8 minute vampire epic Kristina. Give in to it!
Thus far I have been frightened.

The Fall Out Boy video CD lies on my desk upstairs. I am afraid that if I put it into my computer's CD-Rom it will NEVER LEAVE.

I can feel the pull of it even as I type this.

Play me, Allison, you know you want to...